At around 19:30 I got the message that Lauri will try some dark stuff with me again. The effect of what he started working on broke through to me at 21:30. It seems to take Lauri 2 hours of chanting to “do a magic.”

What he has done is visualised me gagging on his penis. Be probably watched violent porn to help him visualise. Masturbated or had sex in order to give the visualisation “power.”

He then projected that visualisation onto my etheric body. I thought I had a sore throat, then I couldn’t breathe.

Then I started to clear it.

Again, using mental energy to control. ie dark magic.

He is annoyed about the blog and wanted to do a power move on me. ie Eat my d*ck women and stop telling people the truth about me.

Very mature.


Warning about Lauri Wild or Lauri Monroy. Manipulates vulnerable women into penetrative sex for financial gain.

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