I have made the decision and requests to leave the Orion collective consciousness.

This is the final step for me.

In Orion, the way it works is that men have free choice, to be either dark or light, or whatever they chose.

These elders think they are Gods. Even on the astral planes they set up rules and regulations that dictate how women should be controlled.

The only choice for women is to be obedient to their designated guardians.

Women submit to it as they think its the only opportunity they have to incarnate.

But what evolution of the soul is even possible? Under this system of threats and energetic violence?

Its an astral though collective or system based on hypocrisy.

I am so disappointed in them.

As above, so below.

Taliban — Wikipedia



Orion Psychic and Sexual Attack

Orion Psychic and Sexual Attack

Warning about various “shaman”. Who manipulate vulnerable women into penetrative sex for financial gain. How this relates to Orion patriarchy.