Lauri: He astral projects into clients bodies

I caught Lauri in the act of trying to astral project into my body last Sunday. He was wondering if he had “made it” into my body.

Sometimes my guides wake me up to stop him from getting in. Sometimes they know I need my sleep.

Lauri tries to literally possess his clients. I have caught him trying to attach to my arm (to get me to masturbate to increase his sexual pleasure) or the back of my sacral chakra (to try and stimulate my sexual energy). There is a jolt when he “releases” me.

To develop occult powers, you need sexual energy to “fuel” the development of your third eye. Lauri wants to develop powerful occult powers. To fuel the development of his third eye, he astral projects into people’s energy to “harvest” their sexual energy.

Lauri is actually tired, burnt out, broke and angry. He is desperately needy. I know when his energy is around, as he is so angry and despairing and aggressive.

To Lauri, you are nothing more than a sexual energy battery and a source of cash.

Also, he works with lower astral entities to heighten this experience. See quotes below. But it is not good to engage. It is better simply to pray.

Yesterday, I woke up with a load of his sexual energy all over my private parts. I spent the next day clearing it from my chakras. He probably helped himself to my sacral and base energies while I was sleeping.

He really needs to exit the earth plane ASAP…

Quotes and Sources

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How thought 3rd chakra and emotion second chakra work together to create reality. — YouTube

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“There is also a way to engage in sex where one person is astral (out of body) and one person is still in the body. If you are astral, you can go visit someone and attempt to merge your energy with theirs while they are sleeping (it won’t work if they are awake as your frequencies will be totally off). This should always and only be done with consent of the person you’re visiting, otherwise we’re talking astral rape and that’s not cool.”

-Lauri works with low dimensional entities

“Sex with Demons or Lower Vibrational Entities
And now for the dark side of astral sex. Sometimes an entity that normally resides on the astral plane can come to you and stimulate you sexually for the purposes of swiping your energy. Look up incubi and succubi for more info on that.

Here’s the thing, though. These entities can come to you against your will and essentially rape you. If you’ve ever been stuck in a sleep paralysis state and felt someone touching you in your special areas, and got aroused even though you were terrified, you’re basically being astrally raped. This is no bueno! You must immediately call in your angels or spirit guides or whatever deity you pray to, to come and remove the interloper pronto. Your energy is being violently taken from you. You will wake up feeling lethargic and it can take hours to replace that energy.

Unfortunately sometimes people end up in a parasitic relationship with such entities. The entity gives you a ton of pleasure (and we’re talking about more pleasure than any human being can generate while corporeal), and you feel like it’s worth losing a little of your energy to obtain such bliss, so you don’t resist or push them away. In fact, you invite them to come back for another “session.” Over time, this leads to you losing a ton of energy which can manifest as apathy towards the real world or real love, and depression, anxiety, and sometimes shame, fear and suicidal thoughts. Not to mention leaking little parts of your soul to an entity who doesn’t have good intentions.

If you’re a woman, having sex with a demon or astral entity will feel like someone stimulating the g-spot of every single one of your chakras at the same time. It’s ridiculously pleasurable, and something no human can accomplish, so it can turn enticing very quickly. But I urge and caution you to avoid this slippery slope of parasitic sex. It’s not worth losing your soul.

If you do find yourself in an unwanted sexual relationship with a non-corporeal entity, you’ve got to ask the archangels to sever your connection and protect you from being visited by them anymore. A clean break. Just end it, and find a playmate in real life to satisfy you.”

Astral Sex: The Ecstasy of Out of Body Pleasure —

Warning about Lauri Wild or Lauri Monroy. Manipulates vulnerable women into penetrative sex for financial gain.