Lauri Wild: Experience of a psychic attack 6th February 2021

Update: he tried to do something similar 10th February 2021. This time it felt less sudden. I could feel him shifting energy in the back of my head before he went for the boobs. He was basically “clearing” me, to find a way in, so that he could invade. He likes to get into his victims psychic minds first, create some illusions, then he goes for the boobs and vag. He likes to absorb other people’s sexual energy as this makes him feel stronger physically and mentally.

The first thing to say is that it is really pathetic that anyone invests time and energy into psychic attack and black magic in this day and age.

To be honest, he is so stupid that he probably doesn’t know what he is doing. It is likely that negative entities are manipulating him.

He doesn’t have much technical skill. He simply launched himself at me with the force of his will, like a toddler with a temper tantrum.

At about 1700 on Saturday evening, I felt Lauri move into my solar plexus.

As always, he aimed to disrupt my sexual energy. He targeted by breasts and vagina. By disrupting my sexual energy, and moving his thoughts into my mental energy (solar plexus) I guess he wanted to create an illusion that I desperate wanted to have sex with him.

Lauri, I am not interested in you. Move on.

It was his usual game is to use psychic mind games to impose his will on others. He is obsessed with controlling women.

This points to emotional problems and a need to go to therapy. Does he have issues with his mother? Was he not loved enough as a child?

I think he spend time chanting to build up his mental focus for the attack. He also used crystal wands and other bric-a-brac. He believes that this amplifies his mental energy.

You can use your mind to create thoughtforms. These thoughtforms can then be used to manipulate the field around you. People create and use thoughtforms all the time. Everything that is created is first imagined…

It was easy enough to throw him off. All you need is the violet flame and to request the support of the masters and angels. The violet flame dissolves the mental energy forms he was using. The weapons disappeared and he couldn’t continue the attack.

I felt the backlash of his anger and frustration.

Yesterday, I felt a lot of anger from his direction during the night. He seems to be getting angry, frustrated and weak.

Using the Holy Fire Violet Flame to Cleanse Yourself (

Warning about Lauri Wild or Lauri Monroy. Manipulates vulnerable women into penetrative sex for financial gain.